A new pro-choice movement? Or, how to put the real “choice” back in “pro-choice”.

I’ll start by saying: I love women. Racism sucks. Sexism sucks. Bigotry sucks. Inequality sucks. I mean it.

Now, for starters, please read this article:

Then consider the below…

Imagine if all that time, effort, and energy were directed at something tangible and actionable? For example:


  • Years of artificially low interest rates tricking women into taking on unsustainable levels of personal debt (i.e. overpaying for things like college, housing, and other goods purchased on cheap credit)
  • QE & money printing by the Fed devaluing women’s labor and stealing their hard-earned savings to pay for the irresponsible choices of others (whether investment bankers who took too much risk, or your friendly next-door neighbor who bought a huge house or SUV knowing that he or she couldn’t really afford it)
  • Asset price inflation stealing future investment returns from our daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters, etc… to pay for the debt binges of their parents, neighbors, and politicians


  • Higher interest rates = more savings for women = less debt for women = more freedom for women to pursue their dreams!
  • Equal pay for equal work (i.e. opportunity to profit from actual productive work vs. debt-fueled speculation & financial skimming), and the right for women to retain the value of their labor while saving and investing in their own independent futures!
  • Market equilibrium that offers a level playing field for women to invest, acquire assets, start businesses and/or otherwise pursue financial independence via productive risk-taking (and perhaps the choice to stop working if they so choose?)

If a woman’s right to choose is important to you (and there are many choices to make in life), wouldn’t it make sense to tackle the underlying issues that tend to govern any individual’s true freedom to make choices – i.e. economic & financial freedom? Wouldn’t it be easier if we had a system that simply provided more fair & equitable opportunities for women to work, save, and invest (without having to take on excessive levels of debt) so they could be free to make their own life choices, without having to involve the government (and other taxpayers) in their decisions (moral or otherwise) in the first place?

Replace “women” (or any other gender references) in any of the aforementioned points, and you’ll see that most of the real issues we face as a society (it’s the economy, stupid) affect women as well as every other “identity” group just about the same.

By the way, just a reminder: I love women. Racism sucks. Sexism sucks. Bigotry sucks. Inequality sucks.

So remind me exactly what all these people were marching for again?

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